You Don’t Get It

It’s rough when you’re not the person who is considered the ‘worst off’

It’s like your problems are less relevant or less excruciating

It’s like you’re being ungrateful and over dramatic

You should be happy that your problems aren’t as bad as the other

Which is in part true. I am thankful for the health I have; the ability to walk, to breathe, to follow my passions and such

But that doesn’t mean my problems aren’t still fucking problems

That doesn’t mean I am not sick. That doesn’t mean I am not engulfed by

Anxiety; Depression; Nausea; Confusion; Brain Fog; Frustration; Self Hatred; Fatigue/ Exhaustion; Pain-Mental, Physical, Emotional; Etc.

That doesn’t fucking mean you understand my life and what I go through

Nobody fucking gets it

Not even the other people that should

I’m so fucking alone

Not even my own mother gets it because I am not as bad off as him

So when I’m mad or upset of anything its minuscule because it is nothing in comparison to what he feels

But in reality its just DIFFERENT. Not less. Not more. DIFFERENT.

So fuck it.

I am fucking done.


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