The Chase

Relationships are way too confusing these days. Too many options, titles, possibilities, and such. Do you want a friend? A hook up? A significant other? A frenemy? And how do you know you want that? How do you know what the other person wants? Simple. Communication. Not so simple. Mixed signals. How are you supposed to communicate with someone who pours their heart out to you when you’re together but only has the decency to text you when he/she gets liquid courage? I know the reasonable answer would be to not waste your time on that person. But then comes the completely unnecessary, extremely frustrating, and inevitable love of the chase. Whether that person is out of your league, in your league, or no where close to your league, you want to get them. Their intoxicating disinterest reals you in again and again. They may not even realize what they are doing but you definitely do. The contrasting themes of undivided attention when you’re together and lack there of when you’re apart really motivates this problem. You become determined to receive that attention and feel that connection whether you’re physically together or not. This exhausting marathon of a relationship really starts to take it out of you. Soon you get tired of trying, waiting for them to respond or invite you places, and convince yourself that you are over it and are going to move on. BUT WAIT. He/She conveniently decides to text/call you right when you think you’re in the clear, and the vicious cycle starts all over again. The chase, the curse, the worst.


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